5 Best Cities to Meet a Sugar Daddy in Canada

It goes without saying that life is a lot more expensive for you than it was for your parents. And if you are planning to live or pursue higher education in a large city like Toronto or Vancouver, managing your finances could be extremely difficult. Fortunately, finding and dating a sugar daddy is now way easier than what it used to be a couple of decades earlier.

Sugar Daddy Meet Canada

Various reports suggest that Canada has quickly emerged as the hotbed for sugar daddy dating, narrowing its gap with the United States and Australia. Furthermore, large Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa lead the pack. This is definitely great news if you are in Canada already or planning to move to this country anytime soon.

Here are the top 5 Canadian cities that have been ranked as the hotspots for meeting sugar daddies and sugar babies:

#1 Toronto

The largest city in the country also boasts of the best sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio. In addition to this, sugar daddies in Toronto are known to be extremely generous, shelling out as much as $4027 each month on their sugar babies.

#2 Calgary

Located in the Canadian province of Alberta, the city has witnessed phenomenal economic growth owing to its flourishing oil industry. Calgary has the second best sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio in the country, with sugar daddies spending an average of $4209 every month on their sugar partners.

#3 Vancouver

As Canada’s most expensive city to live in, it goes without saying that a lot of young girls would take to sugar daddy dating or sugaring in order to stay afloat. On the other hand, given the increasing per capita income of residents, there are plenty of rich sugar daddies looking to get into a mutually beneficial relationship.

#4 London, Ontario

Best known for its rich cultural heritage, this city ranks as the 4th best in Canada to meet sugar daddies and sugar babies. A sugar daddy in London spends an average of $3716 on their sugar baby, ranking the city seventh in terms of generosity.

#5 Edmonton

The capital city of Alberta province, Edmonton ranks fifth in terms of sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio. Besides that, a sugar daddy in Edmonton spends an average of $2861 on their partner every month.

How to Meet A Sugar Daddy in Canada?

Now you know where are the Canadian sugar daddies gathering, then how do you find and meet them? Many sugar babies may want to head over to places that are frequently visited by these rich and affluent to increase their chances of meeting a potential sugar daddy in the city. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a sugar partner in any of the above mentioned cities, joining a Canadian sugar dating website like Sugar Daddy Meet Canada is the most effective and economical way in general. With online sugar dating, your chances of finding a potential partner are much higher, thanks to the flourishing growth and humongous membership base of these websites and apps.